This post is basically to sum up my experience at a certain optometry/eyewear store.

I actually went to this store twice because I knew I wanted to get a pair of glasses from their store but the first day I went in, I didn’t have any funds to actually purchase the glasses, nor did I have a prescription. I really just wanted to try on the pair that I was currently drooling over online. Oh and by the way the glasses I thought I loved, looked hideous on me. :/

Anyways me and my cousin walked in and were immediately greeted by the associate, of course, let’s us know about the promos that were happening, and then asks if I did get a prescription. In which I told her I didn’t, and because of my age I was allowed to have a free check-up and have my prescription written out right away.

So I did all that jazz; went in, got air puffed into my eyeballs, and went through various lenses saying which I could see better in. After everything was written out, it was frame picking time! I haven’t got a new pair of glasses in 4 years, so I’m practically freaking out.

We took our time, tried out frames, got opinions and finally chose a pair. Throughout all this I did tell the associate I was just browsing and that I was expecting to be picking out frames for my lenses just yet, and she was super nice and told me it was nothing to worry about that they can still set it up and the day I would come into pay they would put in the lenses in for me. Isn’t that wonderful? I still did apologize for all the trouble she was going through putting up with me. After all of that they had to take some measurements and this is where it all goes bad. Oh before I forget, the start of the bad news is here, so while the woman who was helping me went off to grab more frames, another woman came up to me and my cousin and asked us how we were and if we needed help/take pictures for frame work and stuff.

1) We had an awesome associate helping us already so it’s pretty rude to ditch her

2) I HATE my pictures being taken, especially to compare the frames I’m wearing

3) I just didn’t like the vibe I was getting from this associate

Thus I kindly refused her help, and after I said no thanks she seemed so discouraged said “Alright then” and walked off. I didn’t think much of it and continued frame hunting.

Back to the measurement taking, turns out the associate take take measurements for us because they’re not certified and such, so it just happened to be the woman we kindly refused who had to take my measurements. And damn was she rude this time around. Plus she was rude to her co-worker too. She was so impatient and vague with her directions. After FINALLY taking the picture and adjusting the measurements the nice associate said to save the data for the day I come back. And the other woman so stubborn on how it wasn’t gonna save, and she didn’t know how to do it so on so forth. Even the peppy/cheery associate was getting ticked off.

At last day one was over and things were set. Even as we were leaving I was astonished by how mean the second woman was, and I couldn’t understand what made her so ticked off.

Second day.

I went in with my dad and again did I get an awesome first associate helping me. Turns out my frames were no where to be found, so we had to find them again. And THANK GOD I found them in some other section which was alright with me. So to breeze through the details the first woman was amazing we talked about other stuff, got to know each other and at one point she said and quote “Our job is pretty easy, it’s to help customers find the glasses they love.” So in my opinion, in such places were service plays a great deal if a customer would come back why be so rude right?

Moving on, the first girl got everything set up again, and I had to take another picture again for measurements it’s whatever, but the second woman who was taking the pictures seemed like she was in a rush. So my father was having troubles with his old pair of glasses, it was simple though. She just had to tighten the sides for him and make sure they sat right behind his ears. She took the glasses heated it frames, bent them once, quickly cleaned the lenses (which still had fingerprints all over it) and gave it back to him. She screwed up the back ear thing so it was sitting above my dad’s ear rather than on it. And after my dad asked why she did that, she went on saying they were old if she bent them more they would snap etc.
She also adjusted my glasses for me and since she didn’t really check for me, they’re too loose and I have to go back a day after purchasing. My dad went back to his optometrist and she did a splendid job for him (as he says).

So the point of all this was after I got home, I went online to do the survey for this place, and I was so torn at the rate our service questions, and would you recommend the place to a friend questions. Because if I did recommend the place I would warn my friends of some of the people. And the questions were also formatted

how was our service 0 being the worst and 10 being the best.

For me specifically two were great and the other two were terrible that’s a 5 right there. Which makes the first two girls seem bad as well, and overall the whole store as well. Anyways, What would you do?



I’m basically leaving home.

Okay, it may be for university BUT!

1) as a female


2) as a child from a South Asian family

this occurrence does not happen very often, and when it does it’s under great surveillance.

I’m counting down the days of course, and I’m at 9 days left. I feel really excited, obviously, because my freedom levels went from a 3 or a 4 to a 10+++++. I can’t deny that my parents have been pretty chill over the years, even when I screwed up pretty bad. There was a point in time that I thought my mom had no mercy, but I soon realized that was not the case. Though I don’t think she would forgive me if I ever came home with a child when I wasn’t married.

Back to the matter at hand. PACKING.


I never really had the experience of packing for more than a week. There are so many different emotions that one goes through. And I think for females it’s just hell. The paranoia of leaving things, the fear of packing too much, the fear of packing too little, thinking of every situation where you might need a certain item…so on so forth.

On top of this misery for me, I’m also in the midst of packing to move houses, so basically I have two separate boxes of clothes, items etc. you know because I wasn’t being tortured already.

So I don’t think the reality has still hit me yet, I am excited I’m leaving but I haven’t grasped the fact that everything will be different and continue to stay different for the next 5 years of my life. And that it’s basically a new start. There’s no running back home because you’re scared or can’t handle the pressure.

There are moments where I wish I can go back to being four, then there are moments where I’m glad the age I am.



The moment you end something, is it right to go back to it?

In my case, a relationship, once it’s done is it really over?

My rational thought is that yea, you know, we ended it for a reason. But then once it’s over there’s all this regret and embarrassment that is accompanied by the break up.

In order to avoid all those emotions you basically run away from the other person, but I swear there is that dreaded day where you accidentally run into that person. And OH GOD does it suck, whether your’e the dumpee or the dumper you just don’t want to run into that person (well in my opinion at least)

The thing is that in front of the other person you wanna look cooler, and I mean by A LOT.

You want to seem that life is way better without them in it, you want to show them they didn’t mean as much as they thought they meant to you. But alas here you are, same old same old.

You were quite the same before they met you and here you are still quite the same after. Yes they may have changed you a little but sadly you’re still you.

The point I’m trying to make is that, just today I had a little run in with an ex, and I thank all the seven gods that we didn’t talk nor look into each other’s eyes.

It was a simple pass by but even that was just too unbearable for me.

Maybe it was because I’m not really an affectionate person and once ties have been cut they’re cut. Or there is that little bit of guilt dumping the person, or hell maybe I just hate the guy (which I think I do…just a little)

But of course we knew the other person was in our vicinity and that awkward head turn where you aren’t directly looking at the person but trying your damn best with your peripheral vision. And I need glasses!

So there I was at first squinting to see if it was actually him! I’m still not sure if it was him that I saw, but I have too much pride to get caught staring. When I had a thought that it just MIGHT be him I looked straight ahead and tried my best not to turn again, which I think I succeeded in.

But those situations are the bane of my existence.

The Interview.


I hate firsts.

With anything, I mean it’s the first time someone sees you, makes an judgement about you and stamps you with a word they describe you with. And just hopefully it’s a good one.

And this is with everything.

For example this is my VERY first blog post, and after reading this someone is going to either like me or hate me. That’s how the world works, and it’s terrible that the first impression only last a couple of seconds and within that time you have to do something amazing.


If I had to sum up what I’m doing here, it’s basically to write.

Write whatever comes to mind, whether it be a random blurb, a short written porno, or to just vent on how life sucks, it’s gonna be here.


Interview is Over.