After multiple days of failed attempts at packing. Then when the D-day of packing days arrive, I end up with some sort of stomach flu which thrown me into a forced slumber (so that I can sleep through the pain) for two days. So finally the last day before I go, the Sunday, was a headless chicken type of thrown together kind of pack.
Which I’m amazed since I got most of my belongings.

This brings me to now.

I don’t know what to do with myself now. I am finally in University…By myself and I feel very clueless of how to make myself productive. And since the first years have to have an orientation week, it’s not like I can start school right away. I don’t think I;m complaining but I’m not sure.
So far the first day has been rewarding but still slightly lonely. Though there are so many connections with other people, it is all still surface questions,

What’s your name/program?/Faculty?/ etc.

and even if they can spare you a bit of their time, there isn’t much to learn to bond for the next four to five years. I personally think it’s even harder to make friends on the same floor, maybe it’s me being me. The odd sensation that I truly am alone now, even though there are more than thousands of students surrounding me.

Even if I am relatively sociable, a huge part of me wants sleep in, miss all the events, eat shitty food and binge watch shows that I have yet to watch. Count down the days until school starts and go from there. And yes, I know, terrible idea; I should get out there and make friends, WHICH IS HARD. Though easy to grab numbers and make empty plans, I find it’s hard to find a genuine friend that will last a lifetime.


Therefore, summing today I am still lost.


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