6 Reasons I’m Not Going To Stop Being That “Bitch” Friend


Thought Catalog

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I get called a bitch, judgmental, and harsh on a weekly basis. What always amazes me about this fact of my life is that people tell me I’m any one of those things like it’s supposed to be new information. Like I’m somehow going to be shocked and change my ways. I’m not going to and here’s why:

If you’re going to ask me for advice, do what I told you to do.

Or, if you don’t want to do what I told you to do, that’s fine. However, coming back to me three days later and asking me again isn’t going to fly. I love you, I truly do. When I gave you the advice I truly had your best interest at heart, I’m well aware my advice can be flawless and amazing or cause a huge mess in your life, and taking that gamble is up to…

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