I know everyone does it. So don’t dare judge me.
My honest opinion, you should do it. Sparingly.

After that night of cray, you’re allowed to take 3 days to recover and end up not doing any work. BUT. After coming to uni I’ve discovered that I procrastinate to the MAX.

Before I was still smart about how I did it, and when I would do it. Now it’s the day it is due, I’m sitting in another class working on my lab. How awesome is that?

When I did it before, I would still work on it a couple days before so that I had time to finish. But I guess now it’s because I have other classes that I have to do work for as well, it’s really hard to manage when one is simultaneously working on courses.

It’s so angry to see other people when they are doing absolutely nothing, while you are working your ass off. And of course and the end they are the ones with a higher grade.

Time to get back to work again. This is me procrastinating.

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