The holiday season has not lived up to its expectation this year. And this is coming from a girl who damn well enjoys Christmas cheer. Except for all the Christmas songs; can’t stand them.

Due to the fact I only had one exam this term I was home the seventh of December, pretty early compared to everyone else. But while I was away from home for three months, a lot has happened.

The parentals have moved into a new home, might I say everything about it sucks. Because they moved, I still to this day have no internet (This post was originally written on December 18th) I had to tether my phone as a hotspot so I can pay for my
courses. Fun times.
Multiple boxes everywhere, and by the time I spent two days in this house, it sucked my spirit dry. Before I got home, I was so ready to set the tree up, decorate my house, and make it as lively as possible since the stress of
school was over. But now I think I liked it better in my 3×2 room. That is really saying something.

Though I have done some bonding with my sister, because she’s 8, I’ve decided it was time to expose her to the 8 films of Harry Potter. With my new found patience from school I was able to not get annoyed and
explain the story to her. She’s enjoying it thus far.

There’s T-minus 5 days until Christmas and I don’t know how I feel about it. Maybe once the internet comes back I’ll be good. (It’s back technically since I uploaded this)