Okay let’s be real, just because New Year parties don’t always go to plan it doesn’t set the tone for the rest of your year. I mean do you really want to start the year drunk then hung over.

Mmm nope.

I am not a huge fan of resolutions though, because let’s be honest, who actually sticks with it.
The really dedicated ones do, therefore not me.

But I do want to set some goals for this month, then continue with those goals into the next month or change them up a bit. No one wants to wait until the next year to look at their accomplishments; they want results ASAP. Realistically just because you workout hard one day doesn’t mean you’re see those abs tomorrow. Though you might see a little bit of change by the end of January and by the end of March see a lot more definition.

Basically Consistency is key.

For this year:

I want to start CONSISTENTLY training for the Tough Mudder coming in August and I feel like 7 months is enough time to do so.

I want to start drawing again digitally/traditionally at least one artwork every two weeks. So by the end of December I should have 26 artworks.

I want to drink a cup of green or barley tea daily, and start taking better care of myself.

I want to be more aware of how my money is being spent.

I want to better work on my time management skills.

I want to start learning a language.

And of course I want to blog a lot more consistently too.

Another thing I like to do is to print out or visually have a calendar, or a list out in my room so that I can always see what I have to work on and what I have accomplished. Journals personally aren’t my best friend because I’m lazy and have to open it up. Blah. I’d rather see it smack dab the moment I walk into my room.

Happy New Years & Happy Goals!


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