Read, But Don’t Reply


When I saw him, leaning against the railing. He had a meeting he said before he left this morning.

For a man who wears a snapback because he doesn’t want to fix his shaggy dark hair in the morning, and usually leaves his scruff for a couple days, with a t-shirt and jeans, he cleaned up so well.

Crisp button down that slides into his dress pants, held by the leather belt with a silver rectangular buckle. Sleeves rolled up around his forearms, exposing his metallic watch. His hair was perfectly combed over and his bread was just the right length.

He stood there, staring out the window. A woman walks up beside him, and casually leans on the railing, too close, for my comfort at least.

They exchanged words, well he did, she was obviously flirting.
I hated her and he knew it.

“We can redo it at my place?” Was all I can make out from her lips. I inched closer.
“I’ll figure it out somehow” he replied.
Well said! I smiled.

Now or never. I smoothed out my skirt and dropped my gym bag behind the wall so they couldn’t see it.

My strut was heard, with each step my heels clicked. He looked up from talking to her and she swerved her head around, her ombred hair twirling with length.

“Hey” I smiled. He returned one to me.
“Hey” he whispered, “give us a moment” he told her. I saw her face drop. She nodded, glanced a glare at me and walked in. I smirked, love it when I get a win.

“What are you doing here?” he asked. I held out his folder, assuming it was his notes on today’s meeting. He smiled, “You’re the best!”
“I know” I said with a shrug.
“Thought you were suppose to be at the gym today” he questioned.
“See. I was, but I saw that you left that behind this morning so I decided to drop it off, good thing I did” I looked back into the room, nudging my head at the woman.
He smiled, “Well I did say no.”
“I’m sure you did”
“And you’re clothes?” he looked at my nicely fitted white blouse that was tucked into my navy pencil skirt.
I laughed, “My bag is literally around the corner, had to fold these extra carefully.” He followed my laugh and kissed my forehead. “I’ll see you back at home” he mumbled on head.
“You better hurry” I said with a wink. “Oh, and check your phone in a bit.” My heels clicking again as I walked off.

His phone buzzes. He glances at it mid presentation. He stopped talking. “One second.” Grabbed his phone and steps aside astounded by the text.

Placing his phone down he resumes his presentation, which he executed perfectly. There was motivation behind his performance.

The moment the meeting was over, he grabbed all his things threw it into his bag and hurried out the door waiting for what was home.