Day Five.


Day 5.

Do you collect anything?

When I was younger I used to collect a lot of things, I don’ why I did it, but I did. Looking back now I think it was because I really wanted to have a hobby and I didn’t know that I liked to draw and write so I started to collect stamps. Yes. I know. Please don’t judge me, but I was that girl. The who collected stamps. They weren’t even interesting! I just did it.

I quickly stopped that and moved on to collecting different kinds of money from different countries, I wasn’t particular with it. I just collected different looking bills and change. Then I shown an interest in paint samples. Yup. I said it, paint samples. Those long strips of paint samples that people take from Home Depot or Rona. The usual person leaves the store with maybe 5 samples max, but me I walked out of there with at least 10, 15-20 if I was daring. Plus, when I was younger, because of the barcode on the paint samples, I thought I was stealing them. The guilt was overwhelming. But wait, that’s not all what I did with the samples. I would then come home, cut each color out and then rearrange them in ROYGBIV. I would legitimately make a whole new system for the colors, while I was watching TV. I don’t know guys, I guess this was the first step into loving art.

Finally at the age of 20 I am currently collecting movie tickets. This started off as a total accident. From when I first bought my wallet until two years ago maybe I kept putting my movie tickets in there. You know that last slip in your wallet that you never use, yea that, what I did was put my movie tickets away in there after the tender would rip it and give it back to you. I only realized the bulk of the tickets in there just a couple years ago, but looking at the first ticket I unwillingly started this 5 years ago in 2010, on the 11th of November and I watched the movie Tangled. Personally this is probably the only thing that I have collected in my life that I enjoy collecting, because there are days where I pull out all the tickets and look back on the memories I had with the people I went and watched the movie with. There you probably some of the weird things I have collected.


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