Day Six.


Day 6.

What animal would you love to have as a pet?

If I could, I would totally have a fox as a pet. Either the red fox or I’d love to have an arctic fox as a pet. First off look at them! They are gorgeous, plus they’re the perfect size, because they’re not too big, but not too small such as a hamster. They’re like a pet dog, and for me it’s another plus that they don’t bark (which I’m assuming they don’t).

And even if it were to turn on me and attack, it’s not the size of a lion that it’ll kill be in a heartbeat. I can probably get away haha. Yes I still think about my safety with my imaginary pet. But to be honest, I am not a pet person at all. There’s too much responsibility in taking care of a pet. If anything, realistically, I’d get a cat just because they’re self-reliant besides the fact of putting food out and scooping its poop. I’d also hate the smell that would come with any pet. So overall, I would love to have an artic fox as a pet IF it can feed itself, poop outside my home, try not to kill me, and not smell the place up. Which let’s be real it will only be a dream.


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