“Let’s run!” she whispers grazing his ear right before she starts to turn away from him.

He barely has a moment to understand that she’s escaping from his grip. ‘Crap’ he thought as he steadied himself to trek forward, couple steps behind her. 

She was running just under her maximum, breathing in through her nose and out through her lips, barely having any more oxygen in her lungs to have a conversation. But he didn’t mind that she wasn’t talking. He paced himself enough to keep running behind her. Watching her.

She was draped in a long cream color slip dress. It was only long for her just because she was petite. Although the dress was fitted throughout her body, clinging to her hips. Her short black waves of hair bounced with each step she took, without realizing he was matching her steps as well.

He barely had time to realize where they were and where they were heading. He didn’t mind though, he trusted her more than she trusted him. He knew that.

His breathing steadied, and he had a moment to look around. They were on the streets, running. The sound of people talking, going places late at night. Clubs and bars open with semi drunk people wandering the streets. He could hear the cars driving past him, but he only heard breathing slamming into his brain and his heart thumping against his chest. The back of his throat started to burn, and he started to swallow his over produced saliva. ‘How is she still managing?’ he wondered.

He didn’t realize she was scared. The fear was consuming her and her only goal was to run. She trusted no one. But he followed.

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