About Time.


When I watch something I always tend to skip bits throughout. The minor details not worth pining over.

So when I came home at 4 in the morning I still wasn’t ready for sleep. And thus picked a quick movie to watch off of Netflix. Little did I know that I now would be sitting here at 6:29am writing about how I’m in tears over this movie. 

I should start by saying that I don’t ever cry for movies. Especially RomComs. To me they are over done and the situations are too generic. The reason why I am even writing is that this movie was simply, simple.

The moral was to just live life and appreciate the little things. Even though it is about time travel and finding love, it isn’t about time travel and finding love. It really opens your eyes to just look around and realize your days are limited whether you are 10, 20, or 50 years old.

My heart strings were pulled to see such an understanding relationship with Tim (Main Character) and his father, who in turn made me think of my father. Even though I’m the less affectionate one, it really kills me to think that one day that I’m going to have a family of my own and maybe just maybe he won’t be there to see his grandkid(s) grow up.

I know it’s so far into the future and I’m only 20, but time is so precious and personally I would love to have the option of travelling time.

My personal recommendation to watch About Time  and to call your parents and tell them you love them. ❤

About Time Trailer


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