Day Ten.


Day 10.

Name a few of your strengths.

A couple of my strengths I’m proud of are, being stubborn and sarcastic. I like how I’m pretty easy going, and maybe too laid back. While being laid back I think I’m not that judge-y and pretty hard to really anger me. I would like to think that I am a good friend, and that I am there for them when they need me. Uhm I also think one of my strengths is that I’m sociable and don’t really feel awkward, and that I can honestly speak my mind even if it may seem a little bit harsh.

I work really well when I am motivated, and I can typically stay motivated for long amounts of time. I also think that I type pretty fast which I’m just going to throw into this list.


Day Nine.


Day 9.

What is the thing you wish you were good at?

There’s a lot I wish I was good at. When I was young I did an assortment of after school things. I took swimming classes, skating classes, chess class, dance, I ski, art classes, piano, and guitar. There’s probably so much more that I did. Hear me out, I never said I was good at anything, I just said I did all of them. I mean I was better at some things than others, but truly the thing that I wish I was good at was to pick one thing and get abnormally good at it. I was that kind of girl that can decently pick things up but I could never truly blow anyone away with my skills. Even now, I juggle drawing and blogging because just doing one eventually bores and I have to switch to something else. Watch by next semester I’m going to bring my guitar and try to learn that too.

Day Eight.


Day 8.

Write about something that makes you smile.

This is too hard to think about. I feel like the typical answers should be friends, and family, and I don’t know, something else that’s mushy.

But I feel like honestly what makes me smile are cute kitten gifs, and rom com movies, shows like parks and rec, and cute couples on TV, such as Monica and Chandler.

I do like spending time with friends and family, but when I’m with them it’s more about laughing and having a good time, not so much about catching yourself smiling about something that’s cute. I think overall the times I catch myself smiling is when I see cute couples on TV doing something hella adorable!



Here I am freaking out typing this after meeting the best guy who just clicks with me in my home town and I’m going off to school in literally four days.

And he literally is the best guy I met after stupid guy with his ex. Ugh.

I mean we always say that were not gonna go all out for a guy, or just didn’t feel like you clicked with them. Then you meet the guy who does get you and by the time you realized you really really do like him. It’s too late, and all you can say is “fuck”

Now I’m legitimately considering if I like this guy a lot or if I did like the past guys to the extent I like this guy but I just got over it.

Is there anyone who gives it their all or at least like 70% in the first few months and then just drifts away? This is legitimately me I can’t even handle myself sometimes.

Day Six.


Day 6.

What animal would you love to have as a pet?

If I could, I would totally have a fox as a pet. Either the red fox or I’d love to have an arctic fox as a pet. First off look at them! They are gorgeous, plus they’re the perfect size, because they’re not too big, but not too small such as a hamster. They’re like a pet dog, and for me it’s another plus that they don’t bark (which I’m assuming they don’t).

And even if it were to turn on me and attack, it’s not the size of a lion that it’ll kill be in a heartbeat. I can probably get away haha. Yes I still think about my safety with my imaginary pet. But to be honest, I am not a pet person at all. There’s too much responsibility in taking care of a pet. If anything, realistically, I’d get a cat just because they’re self-reliant besides the fact of putting food out and scooping its poop. I’d also hate the smell that would come with any pet. So overall, I would love to have an artic fox as a pet IF it can feed itself, poop outside my home, try not to kill me, and not smell the place up. Which let’s be real it will only be a dream.

Day Five.


Day 5.

Do you collect anything?

When I was younger I used to collect a lot of things, I don’ why I did it, but I did. Looking back now I think it was because I really wanted to have a hobby and I didn’t know that I liked to draw and write so I started to collect stamps. Yes. I know. Please don’t judge me, but I was that girl. The who collected stamps. They weren’t even interesting! I just did it.

I quickly stopped that and moved on to collecting different kinds of money from different countries, I wasn’t particular with it. I just collected different looking bills and change. Then I shown an interest in paint samples. Yup. I said it, paint samples. Those long strips of paint samples that people take from Home Depot or Rona. The usual person leaves the store with maybe 5 samples max, but me I walked out of there with at least 10, 15-20 if I was daring. Plus, when I was younger, because of the barcode on the paint samples, I thought I was stealing them. The guilt was overwhelming. But wait, that’s not all what I did with the samples. I would then come home, cut each color out and then rearrange them in ROYGBIV. I would legitimately make a whole new system for the colors, while I was watching TV. I don’t know guys, I guess this was the first step into loving art.

Finally at the age of 20 I am currently collecting movie tickets. This started off as a total accident. From when I first bought my wallet until two years ago maybe I kept putting my movie tickets in there. You know that last slip in your wallet that you never use, yea that, what I did was put my movie tickets away in there after the tender would rip it and give it back to you. I only realized the bulk of the tickets in there just a couple years ago, but looking at the first ticket I unwillingly started this 5 years ago in 2010, on the 11th of November and I watched the movie Tangled. Personally this is probably the only thing that I have collected in my life that I enjoy collecting, because there are days where I pull out all the tickets and look back on the memories I had with the people I went and watched the movie with. There you probably some of the weird things I have collected.