Day Fifteen.


Day 15.

What is your favorite season? What is it and why?

My favorite season of all time has to be autumn. Fall in Canada, to me is amazing. I find it to have the best temperature, where it isn’t too cold nor is it too hot/humid. Should I also mention sweater weather! I have way too many men’s sweater to pass up on autumn. I guess it’s also because I’m 5’1 it’s easy for me to throw on a sweater, leggings, and combat boots and I’m done with my outfit.

It’s also the perfect time for tea, not pumpkin spiced latte. And baked goods even though I don’t have a sweet tooth. Oh and thanksgiving! Getting fat from all the good food, and no one will know because it’s cold out and sweaters are just that amazing.

Then there is all the great scenery, and all the walks one can take. I love looking at the leaves and I walk everywhere. So it’s the best of both worlds. There is also Halloween, which who doesn’t love Halloween. And even if you don’t like sweater weather there’s a whole bunch of other outfits a girl can make without looking slutty/trashy. You can still wear a dress and layer it with a flannel or cardigan, scarf etc. I feel like there a more options dressing for fall then there is for summer or winter.

Overall I feel like the autumn is more of a family-esque time with good food and warm drinks and cute outfits. (:

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