“Let’s run!” she whispers grazing his ear right before she starts to turn away from him.

He barely has a moment to understand that she’s escaping from his grip. ‘Crap’ he thought as he steadied himself to trek forward, couple steps behind her.  Continue reading

xoxo I


She grazed her finger tips over his cheeks, the other holding the back of his neck. Breath held. Staring at those lips.

Even though the music in the background was loud, she heard barely a sound. It was better than silence, but she loved listening to his voice hick.

He ran his hands down then up, pulling her legs down on his leg, and then slipped them up the back of her shirt. Scraping his fingers up her back, making her arch.

She wished he just unhooked her, but no. The more his hands stayed on her skin without attacking, the more she wanted to strip and surrender.

Clutching the top of his shirt with one hand, the other found his bare back. Running her fingers along his spine, his voice caught for a moment.

His shorts were next. She had the waistbands of both his shorts and boxers between her fingers. She ached to pull them off, but shit. He was sitting. Barely kissing, since they were too distracted, she managed to skim his lips.

His hands finding places to go while hers had a goal; she pushed her right hand down, and he. He stopped; his breath at least.

She loved it. Smirked, and continued.

No Filter.


I am very angry right now. 

I know I mentioned this before, how there is no secrecy on my floor, but that doesn’t mean you just tell anyone anything. When I was talking about secrecy before it was more about who’s doing what; when.

Today three extra people know something about me that they did not need to know. And it urks me so much that it came from a friend. The situation was slightly awkward because only me and my friend knew about me, but that doesn’t give her the right to tell them about me.
The worst part was the I heard my friend tell them, have them freak out AND her telling them to shush because I might overhear.

blah. I don’t know what to do. It wasn’t something I needed them to know.