Needles for Friendship


I finafuckingly convinced my bestie to get a piercing. It’s the idea of commemorating our friendship. Now that I’m finally living out of residence, I’m literally living 3 minutes from her building. And in over 2 years I’ve never seen that girl consecutively, until this year of course.

It’s so nice to have her around now, we’ve legit been acting like a married couple for the first week.
I cooked dinner, she cleaned the dishes, we’d go for dinner, grocery shopped together, the whole shebang. And I just quickly thought to myself, if this is what you do with your boyfriend when you live together I’d totally love it. It’s so cute!

Anyways back to the point of this quick post. My bestie is uptight. She won’t admit it but she is. In all honesty she has her life together while I’m a hot mess (which I’m okay with – for now at least). But she doesn’t have any piercings besides the first lobes. Where as I have Four on each ear, two in other places of my body and three tattoos. So I can say I’ve had my fair share of needles.

Because she’s such a wuss I finally somehow convinced her to get a matching piercing with me. And this is what we decided on maxresdefault

Since I already had the first of the two, I got my second one while she got the first one (Which is the one closer to the tragus) and we’re planning to go again and when she gets her second one I’m going to get my hip piercing done. So in actuality we’re getting two matching piercings, and I must say it does look cute on her since she has nothing else.

Happy 6 Years of Friendship Besite ❤

Drunk Words ; Sober Thoughts.


House parties are fun. I quite enjoy them, they aren’t too crowded, by the end of the night you tend to make a friend, and usually you don’t get felt up by some dude (unless you want it.)

Tonight, I was suppose to go to a house party and things all flopped.
Then I came to realize sometimes I don’t like going out and meeting new people, I like bonding with the ones who are already close to me. So tonight ended up being me, my bestie, and my two friends on my floor. I don’t know what happened but, I really liked the whole experience.
Usually me and my bestie are the ones to stay up until god knows how long and just talk about stuff, and we haven’t done that in so long that I was okay not going anywhere.

At first we were two sober for the other two girls who mean a lot to me. Barely into it, we were just as bad as them. And thus a lot of drunk words, with a lot of sober thoughts.

The night finally ended in a circle of lifting shirts, more talks with my bestie, a walk through the snow, and a long night of sleep.