Day Four.


Day 4.

Who or what can’t you live without?

This is too easy. Music. My answer is music. Mainly my Ipod. It’s filled with over 2000 songs and is ever growing. I purposely went out of my way to buy SPARE earbuds just so that IF mine were to break due to some catastrophic reason I am always prepared to still keep listening to my music.

I am a person who can simultaneously have a conversation while listening to music, which I just recently learned that not a lot of people do this. But compared to high school I have started to listen to it less. I mean I do have pay attention in lectures, and listening to music while studying is hard now. So I basically use it as my armor while I walk to class. If I walk to class without music I feel so weird. And I remember once I lost my Ipod at a party, and truly thought I would never see it again. I literally came home and started to look for a new Ipod to buy. Apparently it was found under my friend’s bed. But clearly look how much I need my music.