Day Nine.


Day 9.

What is the thing you wish you were good at?

There’s a lot I wish I was good at. When I was young I did an assortment of after school things. I took swimming classes, skating classes, chess class, dance, I ski, art classes, piano, and guitar. There’s probably so much more that I did. Hear me out, I never said I was good at anything, I just said I did all of them. I mean I was better at some things than others, but truly the thing that I wish I was good at was to pick one thing and get abnormally good at it. I was that kind of girl that can decently pick things up but I could never truly blow anyone away with my skills. Even now, I juggle drawing and blogging because just doing one eventually bores and I have to switch to something else. Watch by next semester I’m going to bring my guitar and try to learn that too.