“Let’s run!” she whispers grazing his ear right before she starts to turn away from him.

He barely has a moment to understand that she’s escaping from his grip. ‘Crap’ he thought as he steadied himself to trek forward, couple steps behind her.  Continue reading



We were running through what seemed to be the forest. I didn’t know who I was with, but I saw a girl. Thin, frail, nothing like me. Her long hair was getting caught between the branches; she was covered in splinters and scratches, but I figured with the adrenaline pumping through us she probably didn’t feel any of the stings.

I couldn’t feel them either.

Something flashed the light in her hand, blinded me for a second. I stumbled. ‘Shit’ I thought. I chased behind her trying to see what it was. A mason jar? I think.

I looked down in my hands, and I was holding the same thing. ‘What are we doing?’ I questioned. ‘What the actual fuck are we doing?’

I was covered in scratches too, but my hair was short and tied up. My clothes were torn but still wearable, not like I had anyone to impress. But I couldn’t seem to understand what we were doing.

I looked around to see where this girl went, just to fumble over her, crashing into the ground. “Ugh” I scraped my knee I can feel the fresh wound blistering over the rest of my scratches. I sat up and saw the girl finding small twigs and leaves to fill her jar. There was a small dot glowing in hers. A firefly?

“Hurry up.” She said without looking at me. “Make yours strong.”

“O-okay.” I responded not knowing what the hell she was talking about. I just followed her lead and filled mine with rocks and dirt as well. But the more I picked up random things to put in the more I actually inspected them and decided to only put the best kinds of rocks and leaves in my jar. My jar only deserved the best.

Soon enough at the bottom of my jar there was a level layer of soil, with small pebbles on top, with a perfect array of colorful leaves and sturdy pieces of twigs. I fastened the top of my jar and got up to run again. I wasn’t sure if anything was chasing us at this point, but I knew I had to run, I had to run away and forward if I wanted the best for myself. I don’t know was is considered to be the best for me, but I knew I had to follow beside the girl and I needed fireflies. I needed four of them.