Day Eleven.



Day 11.

Name a few of your weaknesses.

For sure it’s easier to talk negative about yourself than it is to talk positively. And I think that’s also because it awkward to think that you’re hot shit. Because at the end of the day no one is hot shit, but one would like to believe. So when there is a person who is overly confident it comes off as cocky and rude. Which isn’t the case some times.

Anyways moving on. Some of my weaknesses are that it takes a lot to get me to do something, hence I procrastinate a lot. Which I honestly wish I didn’t. I have a really f***ed up sleeping schedule, thus I am a night owl. Again I want to desperately change that.

One that is my strength and weakness is that I’m honest, sometimes I wish I can just keep my mouth shut. I’m quick tempered, and can get annoyed very easily. I also wish I didn’t tolerate people and then blow up on them. THOUGH. I get over things pretty quickly. The only way I hold grudges are when the circumstances are detrimental.