Day Three.


Day 3.

What’s in my purse?

Really? I already know that this is going to be terrible. Only because I’m in university, I live from my backpack, not my purse. Just last year for Christmas I bought two handbags from Zara, and I love them! One is a semicircle with huge pockets on each side and it opens in the middle with a magnet clasp. It can be held by hand or with a shoulder strap. The other bag I bought was called a “doctor’s bag” because it’s this super small navy blue rectangular bag with metal bars on top to close. Again it’s a shoulder strap bag. Those are the only two that I recently bought and adore, and I brought the small blue one with me just in case. That honestly has a crap ton of receipts in it, and a pen. That’s it. Soooooo I guess that’s basically what’s in my purse.