Quick as they come; They go


There are many things in life you enjoy in a quick moment;

For example, waiting for food all day just to have it be placed in front of you, of course you’re going to inhale everything in one bite. Or when you wait in line to go on the roller coaster of the summer, and when you finally get seated in, go up that long and painfully slow ramp, the spur of emotions all happens to quick as you go ¬†down in seconds.

It’s just the same with crushes. They come so fast and disappear.

I feel like when you’re really not looking for anything there is no investment. Personally I hate to drown all my emotions into a crush. They are a crush; the worst is when you two barely speak, and you’re living off this fantasy that you two will eventually talk and everything will be like princess fairy tale.

Maybe I’m a pessimist, or after a relationship I don’t want anything but fun. BUT being in a new university surrounded by people I feel like I should get out there and do something. But ugh, the process for all this is too long. Way too long.