Day Two.


Day 2. What is my middle name and what is its significance.

Well sadly I actually don’t have a middle name, which I find to be extremely upsetting. I always wanted a middle name so that one day if a person I didn’t want to know who I was or basically someone creepy asked me what my name was I could give them my middle name and I technically wouldn’t be lying. It’s like a second identity; makes you feel like you’re in a movie. Or at least I thought so. I figured because neither of my parents had middle names, I thought it was a cultural thing that neither would my cousins would have it. But alas I found that they did, though it wasn’t the best of names I’d say.

This leads me state, why I’m Ace here. Initially my parents were torn on what to name me when I was born. You see, I wasn’t born in my home country like parents, and neither was I born somewhere typically from the millennium generation. So my father wanted to name me more closely to the culture of the country that I was born in, but my mother wanted a name that was more culturally sound to us. So they compromised; I mean I like my name, but when I asked my dad, he told me the potential name that he would’ve named me if he could. And Ace is the short version of that name, I mean if the day comes that I really want a middle name I just might make it so.

Cheers, all you middle-named people.