As I was sitting in the car, worrying about how I have five years of education to get through, after doing five in high school (I took an extra year because I wasn’t ready to grow up), I had to do another five in university.

Then I thought, by the time I’m done, I’ll be 25-26 by the end of my undergraduate. And I’m actually considering doing my Masters as well. So add another two years and there I’ll be 28 and finally done with school. Imagine being 28 and calling yourself a student. Ugh.

I don’t know. I always had a thing for wanting to be young, having no worries etc. It was never my thing to grow up, also probably because I am five feet tall so I already look young. I’m also one of those people who like to do fun things in my life…IN MY PRIME. Not when I’m old and 70, and let’s be real 70-75 is the new retirement age.

I wanna be able to travel the world and see things, explore and shamelessly be a tourist. But I feel like all of us, especially this generation is so consumed to find a job and stay alive, that no one really sees the rest of the world.

A good citizen is someone who spends the first 24 years studying their best, to pay back all the money they borrowed and then some. A good citizen is someone who is healthy and alive to pay taxes to keep the economy going. The sad thing is, we, citizens die, and the economy just keeps going.

We only have barely 100 years to live, and slowly but surely we age and die. So shouldn’t we make the most of it.

No one always stays young.