Just a couple days ago was the death of my father’s boss. Why does it matter?
Because to me, that man was more of a grandfather to me, than the two I already had. And it sucks as one grows up they tend to not visit people as much as they should.

I remember when I was younger I saw him once at least every summer. But was also before I left the city for school and before he continuously fell ill. But you know I could have seen him in the past two years. But bad people and bad timing stalled the whole process.

Even though we slowly drifted apart I was glad that I did call him and talked to him, because the moment my father called me to tell me that his boss has passed, I quickly thought back to the last possible time I talked to him. And then realized that what if…

Just what if that we didn’t end on good terms, It’s already too late. The person is dead, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it now. That other person will leave the world thinking that you were mad at them, or they’re still mad at you.

Aside from that, I have never had any too close to me pass, and I think this may be the first for me. Just the thought of the person is no more doesn’t seem to phase me. Also probably because the idea of that seems ridiculous; until it isn’t.



I know everyone does it. So don’t dare judge me.
My honest opinion, you should do it. Sparingly.

After that night of cray, you’re allowed to take 3 days to recover and end up not doing any work. BUT. After coming to uni I’ve discovered that I procrastinate to the MAX.

Before I was still smart about how I did it, and when I would do it. Now it’s the day it is due, I’m sitting in another class working on my lab. How awesome is that?

When I did it before, I would still work on it a couple days before so that I had time to finish. But I guess now it’s because I have other classes that I have to do work for as well, it’s really hard to manage when one is simultaneously working on courses.

It’s so angry to see other people when they are doing absolutely nothing, while you are working your ass off. And of course and the end they are the ones with a higher grade.

Time to get back to work again. This is me procrastinating.